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"Secret whole school software in the library" UK EdChat Conference April 2021 (online)


"Information literacy for global citizenship" World Education Summit, Osiris Educational, March 2021 (online)


"Digital and media literacy: From public policy to the classroom" JCS Online Conference, University of Birmingham, November 2019


"Digital literacy in practice" JCS Online Conference, University of Aston , November 2018


"Tsunamis, salvage and reclamation: Teaching information literacy in schools" CILIP National Conference, Brighton July 2018


"British Council Core Skills Programme in practice: Lessons for librarians" LILAC Conference University of Liverpool, April 2018


"What do  we mean by independent learning?" SLG Conference : All the world's a story, Milton Keynes, April 2018


"Turning  visual literacy into information literacy" EASAIS International Conference Maputo, February 2017 (online)


"Using visual literacy to understand digital literacy" UK EdChat Conference October 2017


"Effective partnerships with schools? Essential knowledge for successful outreach" LILAC Conference, University College Dublin, April 2017


"What does independent learning feel like?" HMCPD Conference , Croydon,  November 2016


"I made it to the 6th Form – but I never expected this!"  Building Bridges Conference CILIP SLG Kent, Canterbury, July 2015


"Implementing the New Secondary English Curriculum Conference" Capita National Conference, London, June 2015


"Using visual literacy to teach information literacy" Librarians as Teachers Conference, Aston University, June 2015


A selection of conference presentations

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