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The innovative school librarian (2nd Edition)

Sharon Markless (ed) Elisabeth Bentley, Sarah Pavey, Sue Shaper, Sally Todd & Carol Webb

Facet Publishing 2016 ISBN : 978-1-78330-055-6

There is another way

Ian Gilbert (ed)

Independent Thinking Press 2015 ISBN : 978-1-78135-236-6

Mobile technology and the school library

Sarah Pavey

School Library Association 2014 ISBN 978-1-903446-82-9

Rethinking information literacy A practical framework for learning Chapter on transition to sixth form

Jane Secker and Emma Coonan, editors          

Facet Publishing 2012 ISBN: 978-1-85604-822-4

The working class

The working class: Poverty, education and alternative voices

Ian Gilbert (ed)

Crown House Publishing 2018 ISBN : 978-1-78135-278-6


Cultivating curiosity: Information literacy skills and the primary school library

Geoff Dubber and Sarah Pavey

School Library Association 2018 ISBN 978-1-91122-215-6

Innovative School Librarian 2nd edition
rethinking information literacy
There is another way

Developing digital resources in the primary school library

Sarah Pavey

School Library Association 2019 ISBN 798-1-91122-220-0

Playing games

Playing games in the school library: Developing game-based lessons and using gamification concepts

Sarah Pavey

Facet Publishing 2021 ISBN 798-1-78330-533-9

developing digital resources
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