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Behaviour Management

Whether you are a teacher, a teaching assistant, other support staff member, a cover supervisor or a librarian or library assistant in schools any contact with students involves an understanding of behaviour management to keep an appropriate learning environment. This can range from crowd control of large numbers at break times  to small groups and individual teaching or supervision. Poor behaviour is often a stressful part of our jobs and these courses can be tailor made for your own situation or for a group so that techniques for effective mannagement can be learned that will be of practical use.

I have worked with Creative Education to deliver many of these courses and have developed my own course

for library staff too. I have written articles and contributed book chapters on the topic in the professional press. My online course for the School Library Association "Working SMARTer" also touches on behaviour management. SP4IL education consultancy has received excellent feedback on these courses.

"Good day to day examples of  the situations I face at school and how to tackle them"

"Lots of information presented in a digestible way a good mix of theory and practical advice"

"Straighforward practical advice explained clearly and in a friendly manner"

"A lot was covered in depth but well explained and enjoyable"

"Very good course, clear explanations, interactive and helpful"

"A professional delivery with some very helpful tips"

"Very friendly and welcoming - easy to add your thoughts and supportve "

"Excellent trainer supportive and knowledgeable"

"Great course where I learned valuable techniques to use in my role"

Year 7 behaviour
Year 11 behaviour
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Creative Education

Dealing with Difficult People

Creative Education

"The trainer paced the course well and all of the information was relevant"

"Informative and fun! I enjoyed the activities and group working through problem solving"

"Gave me time to reflect and think about my own approach as well as that of others"

"Full of little pointers and strategies to use in real situations"

Difficult person

Sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations at work facing dilemmas with work colleagues , parents or other adults in our community. I can also provide a range of bespoke  courses to help support resolution of such issues or you might decide to investigate a course through Creative Education (see link below). Other courses which can incorportate this aspect of hehaviour management are detailed on the pages of this website under Personal Development and Team Building.

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