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Basic Library Skills

Innovative School Librarian 2nd edition
Librarian group

"Sarah Pavey is a walking encyclopaedia of information, inspiration and knowledge; any time spent in her company is time well spent.  You come away feeling like you know more, can do more, and are inspired to do more.  I can't recommend her more highly".

One of the great things about school libraries is that no two jobs are ever the same and your role within your school community in a lot of ways will be unique. Maybe you are new to school libraries having worked in another sector or maybe you have never worked in a library environment before. These courses can be tailored to your specific requirements and are designed to plug gaps in your knowledge so that you can fulfil your role effectively and with impact.


Basic skills courses may cover parts of other courses that are offered but to not delve into the same depth as sessions devoted to a single topic. Basic skills courses will provide more of an overview and selected elements of other courses can be incorporated. As a starting point take a look at the pages for:


Behaviour Management


Information & Digital Literacy

Library Development/Impact

Personal Development



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