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Learning in an Online Digital World

Not that long ago students just learnt from a few select textbooks. Now there is a huge choice of online and mobile applications available that can be used and downloaded onto many different devices. These courses can cover health and safety and safeguarding, legal aspects, how to select products and case studies showing use in practice. The course can be tailored to specific requirements including eBooks, presentation tools, search engines and more.


This course can be delivered to students, staff, librarians and/or parents and the content varied in accordance with the audience. Downloadable links to the presentation material and handouts are provided.


This course can be adapted for primary and secondary schools


The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way we can operate our school libraries and it is possible that some of these changes will be permanent. However, this does not mean the school library cannot be effective in supporting teaching and learning and the wide remit of the school. This short online course will cover some basics in terms of how we reposition the library and our roles as librarian, how we organise our resources to maximise usage even if this is virtual rather than physical and where we can find inexpensive or free resources that have impact on teaching and learning.

This course is suitable for librarians, library assistants, teachers or anyone who has responsibility for library resources in their school – Primary or Secondary.

Aims and Objectives

•To understand how the library service offered may need to develop as a result of the recent COVID 19 pandemic in response to the impact it has had more generally on teaching and learning.

•To be aware of changes that might be needed to the role of the librarian in order to demonstrate value.

To learn how the library can be resourced with effect and impact even when the service might be virtual or restricted


"Thanks again for such a fun and stimulating session this afternoon!

Everyone rated your talk very highly and particularly liked the easy way in which you put the info across and the useful handouts."


"I was at the course you did recently on Web Tools and Information Literacy and was amazed by the new technologies.I belong to a group of Librarians and we were wondering what other courses you run?"

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